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What is the difference between Modal, Viscose & Rayon? Please explain?
Modal, Viscose and Rayon do you know the difference? It can be confusing looking at labels to understand what your clothes are made from. Here we share some facts about these fabrics so you can know the difference and choose the best fabric for you.
The Comfort of Cashmere: Why you need cashmere in your thermal underwear wardrobe
Every woman deserves the luxury of cashmere in her thermals wardrobe. Not only  for the exceptional warmth, the buttery softness of cashmere is a luxurious indulgence every woman wants - it's like wearing a warm hug and you'll not want to take it off.
What Thermal Fabrics are Best: Exploring Cotton, Wool, Silk, Cashmere & More
How do you choose the best thermal fabric for your needs? This quick guide will help you explore the options in wool, silk, cotton, cashmere, modal and viscose and find the right thermal layering pieces for your body.
The Ultimate Guide to Women's Thermal Underwear
Call them thermals, spencers, singlets, skivvies or base layers, thermal garments  are a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. Often known for being ugly and scratchy on the skin but they don't have to be and they can be beautiful too!
Can wearing the wrong bra size cause health issues?
Can something as seemingly innocuous as wearing the wrong bra size actually cause health issues? Well, the short answer is yes. Many physiotherapists and chiropractors send their customers to us for a fitting as they know all too well how a poorly supported bust can lead to pain and discomfort.
What happened to Moda Intima Lingerie Neutral Bay?
Where is Moda Intima Lingerie Neutral Bay? Rose may have moved on but The Foundation has moved in and some of your favourite and familiar faces are here to help you.
How often should I be fitted for a new bra? More than you think!
It's not an exact science but here are some classic triggers that may prompt you to visit us.
What should I expect during a professional bra fitting?
Some women compare bra fitting with a trip to the dentist but it's really not that scary. Here's what you can expect when you visit The Foundation for a fitting...
How Do I Know if I'm Wearing the Right Bra?
These are the things you should be looking out for when shopping for a new bra. If your bra doesn't meet these fit characteristics, its time for a visit to The Foundation for some advice.

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