What are the signs that my bra doesn't fit properly?

What are the signs that my bra doesn't fit properly?

If you think your bra doesn't fit, you are probably right eh? It's not brain surgery, and so if your bra is not pulling its weight (pun intended) in the support department, just come and see us. If you are still determined to work it out alone, read on for some classic signs that your bra does not fit properly.

Sign #1: The Dreaded Four-eyed monster –

Your bust changes in size and volume all the time, and those small changes can sneak up on you. If you look in the mirror and see more bulges than you were naturally blessed with, it is a good sign your bra doesn't fit. If you like the look of a overfilled water balloon or bad batch of muffins, knock yourself out, we don't pass judgement here, but it is usually a "no-no" in the bra fitters guidebook and a sign your bra cups are too small.  

Sign #2: The Case of the Migrating Straps –

Your bra straps should say in place without you having to worry about them too much. Unless you are a wrestling a crocodile and giving them them good reason to move, slipping straps are a classic sign your bra band is too big. It could also be that you are wearing the wrong bra for your shape. If you have sloping shoulders, there may be a better bra for you where the straps are less widely set that will help. 

Sign #3: The Back Band Goldilocks–

The back band of your bra should sit across the middle of your back and generally, stay there. Any migration north and your band is too big. It goes without saying, but I will anyway, if it is strangling you like a boa constrictor or you are whipping it off like skinny jeans after Christmas dinner, it is likely too tight. A good fitting bra should be firm and secure. You need a back band that is "just right", like goldilocks.

Sign #4: The Dreaded Gaping Cups –

Bra cups should encapsulate the breast tissue comfortably without digging or gaping. If there is a bit of breeze blowing through there, your cups are just too small or it is not the right bra for your shape. 

Sign #5: Going Under –

A proper fitting bra should sit snug against your frame and not on your breast tissue. The cups are for your breast tissue and the rest of the bra is not. Breast tissue falling under the bottom of the bra, is a sign the back band is too big. When you adjust yourself into your bra, raise your arms above you head. If anything is going under or popping out below, tighten up your back back and try again until you stay secure. 

Sign #6: You are uncomfortable - 

Saved the best for last... if you are not showing any of the above signs but you are still uncomfortable, we encourage you to come and see us. Not every style of bra is made for every bust type. The Foundation can hopefully introduce you to other styles better suited to your size, shape and comfort level. Our bra fitting process is always in consultation with you to make you as comfortable as possible with the bust you were born (or not) with. 

So if you have read this article and you are still unsure you definitely need to come and see us. Our team of expert bra fitters at The Foundation is here to guide you every step of the way. Don't try and navigate this alone - come on in, and let's find your perfect fit together!

Stay fabulous!

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