The Ultimate Guide to Women's Thermal Underwear

The Ultimate Guide to Women's Thermal Underwear

Is thermal underwear still worn by women? 

Women's thermal underwear, is that still a thing or something you vaguely remember your grandmother wearing? You don't usually see it front and centre on display in every store and for some reason is still in that category of "secret women's business" that we know about but never talk about. But YES! It is still a thing! And guess what! These days women's thermal under garments are not only practical but beautiful too. Gone are the days of ugly spencers, singlets and skivvies (do you remember those or is that just Aussie for a polo neck?). We now have a stunning collection of warm wear (thermals) that you will want to show the world.

Why is thermal underwear a must-have in every woman's wardrobe?

Thermal underwear is designed to trap heat close to the body while wicking away moisture. It serves as the perfect base layer for braving the elements. Whether you're hitting the slopes, taking a winter hike, or simply running errands on a cold day, thermal underwear provides essential warmth without adding bulk to your outfit. Thermal underwear can also be worn to provide a base layer to wear under something that is sheer or revealing. Layering pieces can also be good for protecting your skin from rubbing on textured clothing or reducing any scratching or itchy feeling from your outer layers such as knits. Because thermal underwear is typically worn close to the body with a snug fit, it can also have a slight smoothing effect under your clothes to help reduce any lumps or bumps.

What are the best fabrics for thermal underwear?

When it comes to choosing the right thermal underwear, fabric selection is key. The baseLINE offers a range of high quality fabrics with different benefits, that feel luxurious to touch and are a delight to wear. Typically synthetic fibres have high moisture-wicking and fast drying qualities compared with natural fibres however synthetic fibres are more likely to get smelly. Wool is our favourite for maximum warmth and The baseLINE has a collection of wool thermals which are cotton lined on the inside giving a perfect combination of moisture wicking and warmth which is soft to touch.

How should your thermal underwear fit? 

Thermal underwear garments should have a snug but comfortable fit that does not restrict your movement. 

What types of thermal underwear are there?

The baseLINE offer a range of different options for different needs.

Thermal underwear camisole

A camisole is a great layering piece which usually has a small spaghetti strap and covers the torso to just below the waist. These can be made of pure blends or combination of cotton, modal, wool, silk or acrylic fibres. 

Thermal underwear singlet or tank top

A tank top or singlet has a slightly built up shoulder which will provide more coverage of the bra strap and therefore a little more support than a camisole. These singlets can be made of a mix of fabric types depending on your needs.

Thermal underwear long sleeve top or polo neck top

The baseLINE has a number of long sleeve tops with different necklines. A crew neck top is typically high on the chest and provides good coverage vs a polo neck top which comes up the neck for additional protection and warmth. The baseLINE also has some with a V-Neckline which will provide less warmth of the chest but can be useful in your thermal wardrobe depending on your outfit.

Thermal leggings or pants

Some thermal garments are available as pants or leggings / tights. At The Foundation we sell cotton and cotton / wool blend tights and leggings in viscose which can be worn under pants for additional warmth. 

How do you care for your thermal garments, singlets and spencers?

Always follow manufacturer guidelines for care. Most of the products from The baseLINE can be machine washed with like colours, ideally in a wash bag, on a delicate cycle and dried flat in the shade. Obviously your thermals will last longer if you hand wash carefully. 

How to store your thermal underwear

Out of all the items in my lingerie drawer I can guarantee that the moths or silverfish will find the high quality thermal underwear first! If you don't wear your thermals all year round, we suggest you put them away to protect them from the little critters. Bon Savvy Wool & Cashmere laundry contains natural Australian ingredients that can help to deter those little critters. I store mine in a laundry wash bag with cedar balls (from hardware stores) just as an extra deterrent which will help you extend the life of your thermal underwear.

So that's it, the ultimate guide to women's thermal underwear. Stay warm and let us know if we can help with any thermal underwear recommendations. 

Stay fabulous!

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