Can wearing the wrong bra size cause health issues?

Can wearing the wrong bra size cause health issues?

Can something as seemingly innocuous as wearing the wrong bra size actually cause health issues? Well, the short answer is yes. Many physiotherapists and chiropractors send their customers to us for a fitting as they know all too well how a poorly supported bust can lead to pain and discomfort.

You see, wearing the wrong bra size isn't just uncomfortable – it can actually wreak havoc on your physical health. From back pain to shoulder strain to poor posture and neck ache, the consequences of ill-fitting lingerie can be far-reaching and downright unpleasant. 

So, what are the potential health issues associated with wearing the wrong bra size, you ask? Allow us to enlighten you:

Issue #1: Back Pain –

While a bra needs most of the support from the band, if the fit is too tight, it can cause back pain, digging into skin and undue stress on the back muscles. If the fit is too loose it is likely the bra is not giving you the support you need of your bust which can also lead to back pain. The trick is getting the right balance.

Issue #2: Shoulder Strain –

If your bra straps are leaving deep grooves in your skin or slipping off your shoulders altogether, it can be an indication that your bra band is too big or your straps are too loose, and it could be causing undue strain on your shoulder muscles. If your bust is not properly supported by a good fitting bra, your shoulders may be taking more of the pressure than necessary. 

Issue #3: Poor Posture –

If your bra isn't providing the proper support and lift, it can cause your posture to suffer, leading to a whole host of musculoskeletal issues down the road.

Whether you're dealing with back pain, shoulder strain, or poor posture, our team of expert bra fitters at The Foundation is here to guide you every step of the way. So don't be shy – come on in, and let's find your perfect fit together!

This article is not intended to replace medical advice. We are bra fitters and not medical experts after all, and so you should always seek proper medical / health advice. We are delighted to help customers to feel better with a good fitting bra. 

Stay fabulous

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