What happened to Moda Intima Lingerie Neutral Bay?

What happened to Moda Intima Lingerie Neutral Bay?

For those local to the Neutral Bay area, or crawling past in peak hour traffic on Military Road, you might remember a lingerie boutique with a big black awning, called Moda Intima Lingerie. With a long standing reputation spanning over 30 years, Rose and her beautiful team of fabulous fitters, Maria and Nathalie, helped thousands of women find their best fit, often returning year after year. 

In May 2023, Rose retired Moda Intima Lingerie to pursue other things at a more leisurely pace. However, her commitment to her loyal customers and her team, drove her to seek out the Lin & Barrett Lingerie team with an equally long and comparable reputation. 

With the Lin & Barrett Lingerie business under (reasonably) new ownership we underwent the process of occupying the Moda Intima Lingerie location. After a quick cosmetic make over in only a few short weeks and after many sleepless nights The Foundation Lingerie was born. 

On 1 July 2023 we opened our doors to our first Foundation customers. We later called this our "soft launch" of Lin & Barrett's new concept store, as if it were intentional, however we actually forgot to lock the door. We were delighted to help our first customers who just pushed the door open, seemingly (and politely) not noticing us in our active wear, still scrubbing the floor, styling and arguing with technology. The Foundation Lingerie was born!

We could not have done this without Rose's incredible support - her patience, flexibility and invaluable advice. Not to mention, she introduced us to two of the most incredible team members we could ask for, Nat and Maria. 

So many customers are delighted to explore The Foundation and find the familiar, smiling faces of Maria & Nat (and some new ones too) ready and waiting. It's been a pleasure to be introduced to so many returning customers who have been so positive with feedback about the store renovation, and many of the same high quality products they came to know. We hope to continue to increase or selection of lingerie, silk, sleepwear and swimwear as we continue to learn about our customers needs. 

If you have not popped by to introduce yourselves, please come and visit us - we'd love to show you around and hopefully help you with your next fitting. Thank you Rose for leaving a long legacy we hope we can continue on for your loyal followers. 

Stay fabulous! 


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